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Our Spirits

Welcome to Best Vineyards & Distillery

With the success of the winery, Best Vineyards has introduced high quality artisanal spirits in to the market.

In 2015, the decision was made to add a new building and install a distillery on the property.  By the end of 2016, the first batches of vodka and modern liqueur were flowing from the distillery.  With the addition of attractive packaging for the premium spirits, the Best Distillery was ready to go.

Our formulations use all natural flavorings with no artificial ingredients

Each bottle of finely crafted spirit starts with locally grown grains directly from the grain mill, to our still, and in to our unique bottle.  Our artisan spirits are hand crafted, fermenting in small 600 gallon batches.  Liqueur modern is our style of distillation and presentation.

Spirit products include flavored liqueurs, vodka and white rum

Based on our experience in crafting our amazing fruit wines, we feel that our bold fruit flavored spirits will stand out among the competitors.  Our wine products have won over 50 medals in various local and international wine competitions.

Quality is our highest priority

Best Distilling is proudly producing handcrafted modern products utilizing a unique mash bill with a focus on quality through locally grown fruit and unique premium packaging.
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Your taste buds will experience lush, full flavors with elegant and earthy aromas.

Spirit Sampling is $5.00 per person for 5 spirit samples; required by the Indiana Artisan Distiller Law


Our Spirits:

Peach Liqueur        40 proof
$19.63 plus tax (Regular price $28.04)
Our introductory designer flavored liqueur.  Made from Hoosier corn and sweetened with luscious peaches picked at the height of flavor.

Caramel Apple Liqueur        40 proof
$19.63 plus tax (Regular price $28.04)
The latest flavor in our designer liqueur series.  Harrison County grain distilled and sweetened with  creamy caramel and juicy apples.

Blackberry Liqueur        40 proof
$19.63 plus tax (Regular price $28.04)
The second designer liqueur. Distilled from 100% Indiana corn and sweetened with those big, succulent sun-ripened blackberries.

Blood Orangecello        40 proof
$21.50 plus tax
A sweet cello with vibrant orange flavors and a lovely orange color.

Simply Caramel        50 proof
$23.36 plus tax
Silky smooth, lightly sweetened with deep toasted Caramel Whiskey flavor.

OrangeCello        60 proof
$21.50 plus tax (Regular price $28.04)
The zest of aromatic oranges was blended with high proof grain spirits to make a perfectly sweet citrusy liqueur.  Great in tea, as a spritzer or over ice.  Also makes a great Sweet & Spicy Martini.

Blood Orange        70 proof
$21.50 plus tax
Blood Orange Vodka.

Lemon        70 proof
$21.50 plus tax
Lemon Vodka.

Blueberry Lemon        70 proof
$21.50 plus tax
Blueberry Lemon Vodka.

Pineapple        70 proof
$21.50 plus tax
Back by popular demand.  Pineapple flavored Vodka is great sipping on its own or for that unique twist with a little orange juice.

Peanut Butter Cup        70 proof
$23.36 plus tax
Chocolate Peanut Butter Whiskey.

Sweet Peaches        70 proof
$23.36 plus tax
Peach Whiskey.

Caramel        70 proof
$23.36 plus tax
Caramel Whiskey.

Spiced Rum        70 proof
$25.32 plus tax
A rich molasses rum barrel aged 1 year with wonderfully warm spices.

Jalapeno Vodka        80 proof
$21.50 plus tax
Designed specially for Bloody Mary bars.  Distilled from a mash of corn grown locally in Harrison County then steeped with jalapenos.

Vodka        80 proof
$23.36 plus tax
Made from 100% locally grown Harrison County corn, this premier spirit is the smoothest of vodka’s.  A perfect spirit for sipping on it’s own or mixed with other flavors to make a marvelous cocktail.  Great for Martini’s.

White Rum        80 proof
$23.36 plus tax
Created from a dark, rich molasses to produce a spectacular rum with aromas and flavors reminiscent of Jamaican rum.  A perfect spirit by itself or mixed into flavorful daiquiris (on the rocks or frozen).

Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey        90 proof
$32.71 plus tax

Small $6   or   Large $12/each plus tax

Apple Pie ala Mode – Best Vineyards Caramel Apple Liqueur with apple juice, cinnamon & vanilla.

Spicy Bloody Mary -Best Vineyards Jalapeno Vodka and Loaded Bloody Mary Mixer.

Blackberry Spritzer – Best Vineyards Blackberry Liqueur with a clear soda (Sprite or 7-Up).

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