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Month: January 2013


Meet the newest ladies to take up residence at the winery. Henny Penny and several of her family members have moved in the Black Raspberry patch this winter to help us with our ever growing weed problem.  As a result, they are graciously supplying us about 25 to 30 dozen eggs each week.  While the occasional egg sandwich or omelet is great, their output far exceeds our maximum usage.  Therefore, any customer purchasing 3 bottles of wine has the option of taking a FREE dozen eggs home with them as an added bonus, while supplies last.  Or our guests may purchase additional farm fresh eggs at just $2.00/dozen.  For those fans of Dr. Suess and lovers of ham, we do have the occasional dozen of green eggs.  (Only the shells are green, the yolks are still a beautiful orangey-yellow color).  Stop by and get yours today.

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