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Month: July 2016

Concert Update – The Blues Redeption

In deference to the expected temps on Saturday in the 90’s and heat index around 105 degrees, The Blues Redemption Concert will be moved indoors (with an awesome AC system) to the new distillery P7110315 building. This is a one (maybe 2) time event since the building is still mostly empty. We’ll have tables and chairs set up for everyone to enjoy the music. Wine, slushies (leaded & unleaded) and cheese trays will be on hand. Unfortunately, we will not have a food vendor this weekend. Feel free to bring you own picnic basket & snacks to munch on during the concert. We’ll make sure to have a food vendor lined up for our next concert.

Distillery Update – New Pictures

The Still has been put on the slow boat from China.  Actual ETA at the winery is still up in the air but we are making some progress.  Here are the pictures before it was disassembled and crated for shipment to the US.

Pic7Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5

And, here are a few other pictures we would like to share, including Shaggy (the neighbor’s dog) after his day at the spa.

P7100821 P7100824 P7100831

And after performing a quick search, I have not found a positive benefit of the Japanese beetle other than being a potential food source for starlings and other birds.  It’s a fact they are very destructive on the Vineyard and the Blackberry patch.  So, basically, I’m thinking the best Japanese beetle is a DEAD beetle.  If you disagree, let us know.



New Website Design and other Recent Happenings


P6250814Well a few of the May and June blog posts were lost during the transition from old website to our new look.  But the new website is great and has several new things to offer including being mobile friendly.  Take a few moments and peruse the various tabs, click the links, and enjoy.

July 9th – Join us at the winery for our first concert of July featuring Donny Dynamite and the Dynamos.  These guys will be cranking out the oldies in the gazebo.  This is a rain or shine event.  In the case of rain, we will move the event indoors.  But, right now the forecast is for sunny, mid- to upper 80’s and relatively low humidity.  It don’t get much better than that.   Unless you want to throw in a refreshing wine slushie (watermelon or mango pina colada) for just $3.  Cheese trays will be available at the winery but the Say Cheese truck will also be on hand with those gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and their awesome filled  dates.

UPDATE:  Operation Save the Blackberries – The save the blackberryIMAG0159 campaign in late March and early April was a resounding success.  The blackberry brambles are loaded and have begun to produce big, plump juicy fruit.  These deliciously sweet berries are available at the winery and at the New Albany Farmers Markets (on Wednesday 4-7p and Saturday 8-12:30p at Bank & Market Streets and on Tuesdays 11-1p at the Floyd Co. Hospital).  This is our first successful year growing blackberries so we don’t know how long they will last.  It’s taken 4 long years to outsmart Mother Nature and get a crop.  So, don’t wait to long to stop by and get yours.  They are going quick.

P6250816UPDATE:  T-Shirt Contest 2016 – (This is one of the blog posts lost during the new website update.)  Congratulations to Heather R. for her 2016 T-shirt design submission.  Heather’s creative design incorporated many of the wonderful aspects of Best Vineyards.  Heather received $75 and 4 t-shirts.  And, as an added bonus, she and her family also received 4 tickets to attend Vintage Indiana 2016 on June 4th.  Heather and family thoroughly enjoyed the event despite the rainy weather.

UPDATE:  Building Construction – Construction of the new Distillery/Winery facility has been completed.  We now have Power (440)(thanks Harrison Co. REMC), bright lights (see Big Ass Lights), a Mash Cooker, a mixer for the mash cooker, fermentation tanks, a steam generator, air conditioning, insulated cooling tanks, pumps, hoses, and a whole assortment of other goodies.  But, we’re still waiting on the piece de resistance, the cream of the crop, the big daddy, aka THE STILL.  Per the manufacturer, it’s done and ready to be packed for shipment.  I’m told there’s pictures of this last little toy we need for the distillery but I haven’t seen them yet.  Hopefully we’ll get those pics in the next few days and get them posted.  With any luck, we’ll have that bad boy installed by mid August.  (Slow boat from China and all)  So, in the meantime, here are some of the latest construction pictures.






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