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Month: July 2013

What kind of grass is that again?

No.  It’s not that funny weed.  It’s a progressive form of bluegrass called New Grass.  That’s right folks.  New Grass is one of two major sub-genres of bluegrass music.   Join us on Saturday for an afternoon with Old Truck Revival from 4-8pm.  You don’t just tap your foot, your whole body taps.  It’s lively, it’s fun, and it wakes up every one of your sleeping bluegrass cells and invites your body, heart, and soul to join the party.  These guys take that old generations-past style bluegrass and bridge the gap to generation-now.

Uncork the Uplands in downtown Bloomington, IN

Join Best Vineyards and the other wineries along Indiana Uplands Wine Trail for celebration of Indiana food and wine.  Enjoy an evening of delectable bites from three area chefs during a food and wine challenge where you pick the winner.  Sip mouthwatering cocktails from an award winning mixologist featuring Indiana grown wines.  Learn about the exciting new Indiana Uplands AVA and what it means to Indiana.  Taste foods prepared by local artisans.  And, sample a selection of the award winning wines from the wineries of the Uplands Wine Trail.

Winery 7-26-13 006aProceeds from the silent auction will benefit the “Local Growers Guild.”  The Guild serves to strengthen the local food economy and raise awareness of local food and the farm-to-table philosophy by promoting Indiana food producers and farms among retailers and patrons, providing grower education, and advocating for small farms on a state and national level.  Our contribution to the silent auction is based on the theme, “What are little boys made of?  It includes an over-sized baby quilt, a mini Radio Flyer wagon, a fold’n’store Radio Flyer tricycle, a framed print, and a hand crafted stuffed puppy.

Full House Band – In Concert

Full HouseAs the Full House band began to set up their equipment and start their  sound checks before their performance on Saturday, the neighborhood gators started crawling in.  Even the brief shower couldn’t stop this group from having fun.  A big thanks to all the folks who came out to enjoy the music.  If you missed them this past weekend, be sure to check them out again on October 12.

FullHouse-3 FullHouse-1 FullHouse-4 Shaggy


The Chosen 6ix – In Concert

The Band - The Chosen 6ixThe Chosen 6ix rocked the lawn on Saturday, June 22.  This group of youngsters did an awesome job.  A crowd of family, friends and dedicated wine connoisseurs were on hand to cheer the band on during their first official performance at the winery.  Their set list even included an original song written by their teacher/director, Marty Hublar.   The Chosen 6ix view from the lawn

If you missed the group, don’t worry.  They will be back on September 28th.

The Best family donated 10% of the days proceeds to the American Cancer Society in memory of their cousin, Cassie Jean Haggard-Gill, who passed away on June 19th.

July 4th = Watermelon Sangria

Nothing says summer more than ice cold, sweet, juicy watermelon.  Enjoy this wonderful Sangria recipe this holiday weekend with family and friends.

Watermelon Sangria

2 cups watermelon, balled or cubed, reserve juice
1 cup strawberries, quartered
2 cups white grapes

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 pkg unsweetened Watermelon Kool Aid drink mix**
1 1/2 cups water

1/3 cup Strawberry Flame
1 750ml bottle Hummingbird Red 2010
1 liter club soda, chilled

Watermelon slices w/ rind for garnish

Remove stems from strawberries and slice into 4 pieces.  Pluck grapes from stem.  Place grapes and strawberries in freezer.  Mix Kool Aid, water and sugar in a pitcher to make a simply syrup.  Stir until sugar is dissolved completely.  Add watermelon pieces, reserved juice, Strawberry Flame and Hummingbird Red.  Chill 2 – 24 hours.  To serve, pour Sangria mixture into a large bowl and blend with club soda.  Add frozen grapes and strawberries. Serve in tall glasses (with or without ice).  Garnish with watermelon wedge.


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