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Month: March 2014

T-Shirt Design Contest ends April 6th

Time is quickly running out on our 4th Bi-Annual T-Shirt Design contest.2014 t-shirt entry form  Send those entries in today.   We’re looking for our next show-stopping t-shirt design.  Do you have ideas, a saying or other suggestions?  We would love to hear from you.  Designs do not have to be perfect.  We will send out the winning entry to a graphics artist to be cleaned up and digitized before sending it to the screen printer.  But there are limitations on the screen printing.  The maximum screen printing area is 16″ vertical (top to bottom) and 14″ horizontal (left to right).  So, designs going from one shoulder down to the bottom of the t-shirt are not possible.   Pictures of the past winning designs can be found on the “Events” link above.

The contest is open to persons of all ages.  The winning design will receive 2 T-shirts and a $75 cash prize*.  All entries must be received by 7pm on Sunday, April 6th.  The winning design will be announced on May 5th.  The T-shirts themselves will go on sale June 7th at Vintage Indiana in Indianapolis’s Military Park.   (* see entry form for more details about cash prize.)

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