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and 1st Place goes to “The Dirt Roaders” – Congratulations!!!!

The Dirt Roaders

Bailey and KenzieSkyler and Meadow

Better than BaileyQuintin Bir Rock Stars  Dalton Cartwright

Congratulations to all 7 entries for the Talent Contest on their wonderful performances.  The competition was tough and the voting was close but top honors go to Cody, Kristain, Bryce and Logan as The Dirt Roaders.  Second place went to the duet of Bailey and Kenzie.  And third place honors went to Meadow Ryann and Skyler Jones.  The contestants played to a packed house and rounds of thundering applause.  We hope to see everyone back again for next year’s show (or maybe at a concert during the summer).  Honorable mentions go out for the performances by Quintin Bir, the Rock Stars duet of Macy and Reighley, Dalton Cartwright, and the Better Than Bailey trio of Noah, Cole and Logan.  A special thanks to Marty Hubler for putting together the acts, setting up the sound system, and finding the judges (Hugh Bir, George Stone, Matt Stone, and Mary).  Congratulations again to all the contestants.

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