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Free Concerts Start This Weekend

Concrete Canyon Cowboys – In Concert 4-8pm

Join us on Saturday from 4-8pm as Hugh Bir and his band start off our concert season with a bang.  Bring a picnic basket and sit on the lawn for an enjoyable afternoon of great music.  Children & young adults under 21 are welcome when accompanied by a responsible adult.   We’ll have our small ($7) and large ($12) cheese trays back along with our signature Chocolate Cream Cheese ($5).  Plenty of cold wine and Sangria will also be on hand for those over 21 to enjoy and we’ll have soft drinks and water available for the younger crowd.

Vintage Indiana

Thank you to everyone who defied Mother Nature last Saturday and ventured forth in Indianapolis at the Vintage Indiana Wine Festival.  There were a few sprinkles in the afternoon but otherwise, you couldn’t have asked for better weather.  The volunteers helping us to pour wine were great.  We hope everyone had an opportunity to try out the Strawberry Cupcakes in the Yours Truly Foods tent with Diana and Betty.  Those scrumptious pink treats were made with our own Best Vineyards Strawberry wine.

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