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Operation “Save the Blackberries” continues . . . .

Blackberry-Save-0 Blackberry-Save-2 Blackberry-Save-3 Blackberry-Save-4

The valiant effort to save the blackberries continues.  Here are a few pictures of the “protection” process that took place over the weekend.  It seems like a simple process to drape a 15 foot wide cloth over a 100 foot long row of berries, especially thornless berries.  Apparently,  Mother Nature thought differently as she sent 5-10mph breezes wafting across the field and whipped the covering 15 feet into the air.  But, Upper Management and Worker Bee fought it out with her for several hours and persevered.  (thanks to a few leftover vineyard posts)  By the end of the day, 6 rows of berries had been saved.  The big question now is, “Is Mother Nature done?  Or will the cold weather return?”  Stay tuned for further updates in this ongoing saga.

In other news, Worker Bee and her posse continue to remove the old vineyard posts and re-attached the wires to the new posts.  Progress is slow due to spring rains and muddy fields.  With the addition of new help, the goal is to have the wires in the vineyard attached to the new endposts before the vines start to bud out.  But, pruning cannot start until the post project has been completed.

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