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Sip a little wine and learn about tending to the Grape

The grape is good.  The grape is all.  Long live the grape.

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Cruise around the Uplands Wine Trail this Mother’s Day weekend and learn about how to prune a grapevine, the importance of filtration, the history of wine in Indiana,  and a variety of other aspects that go into making a great wine.   At Best Vineyards you’ll take a trip to the vineyard and learn about when and how to prune your vines.  See first hand how this frigid winter affected our vines and how we hope to overcome the setbacks.  We will also be offering a small selection of cheeses and suggest what wine to pair with it.  For a complete list of topics that will be discussed this weekend, go to http://www.indianauplands.com/events/ for more details.

And, Best Vineyards will be making a return this Saturday to the New Albany Farmers Market from 8-1pm.  The Market is located at the corner of Bank and Market and will run every Saturday thru the end of October.  Be sure to stop in for a bottle of our Bread Dipping Spice mix or for a bottle of your favorite wine.

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